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March 18, 2024

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After years of product development and field testing, AgBoost has announced the global commercial expansion of its cloud-based data analysis platform that helps cattle producers interpret genomic data for selective breeding, health, market value, and nutrition management.

Despite a 65% increase in U.S. beef herd productivity over five decades, according to USDA, rising demand for sustainably produced meat and shrinking profit margins underscore the importance of genetic data for herd efficiency.

"Too often, cattle producers invest in DNA technology without unlocking its full potential," said Sean Akadiri, founder and CEO of AgBoost, at the 2024 Animal AgTech Innovation Summit and World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit. "Our platform revolutionizes decision-making, empowering ranchers with faster, more precise choices. By putting genetics at their fingertips, we're reducing the average $2,000 loss per calf during breeding and development, giving ranchers a decisive advantage over the competition.”

Traditionally, breeding decisions rely on visual appraisals and multi-generation written records of estimated genetic merit. AgBoost's software combines genomic and production data, including live birth weight and diverse phenotypic information, for individual animals. Users can track animals individually or group them, such as in replacement heifer groups. By selecting specific traits, producers gain a comprehensive view to inform feeding, animal health, and marketing decisions effectively.

“Genomic testing data can feel like deciphering hieroglyphics to most producers. But AgBoost transforms complexity into simplicity, presenting data in a visual wheel that sparks meaningful conversations. Now, we can swiftly identify the top bulls with complementary traits for desired calves,” said Nick Jorgensen, CEO and CFO of Jorgensen Land and Cattle, who not only licenses the platform for its large seed stock operation but also invested in the company.

Seedstock cattle producers depend on analytics for marketing in bull and production sales. AgBoost visually showcases genetic value and identifies DNA-linked traits, like production, maternal, and carcass traits, aiding in sorting and selecting specific characteristics. The tool also allows for scenario planning, including establishing keep/cull lines to distinguish the top and bottom of the gene pool.        

Poised for rapid expansion

Introduced to U.S. cattle producers in 2018, AgBoost now holds millions of genomic data records for individual cows. With recent patent approvals, the company aims to expand into top-producing markets like Brazil, Canada, China, and the United Kingdom.

The global beef market, valued at $526.50 billion in 2023, is projected to grow at a 4.2% CAGR by 2030.

Currently, AgBoost supports all sizes of seedstock and commercial cow/calf producers, regardless of breed association, with an interactive pedigree and sire link, with a breeding suggestion calculator coming in late 2024. As pioneers in the market, the company intends to broaden individual producer subscriptions, enterprise licensing agreements, and tailor the platform for additional livestock and related industries to meet current demand.

Established in 2013 by engineers and cattle producers as a subsidiary of the animal ag tech leader, Agric-Bioformatics Inc., AgBoost pioneers affordable, user-friendly genetic management tools for livestock producers worldwide. The comprehensive software streamlines the entire process—from ordering tests to interpreting data for actionable insights and creating effective marketing tools.

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