Production, research and development functions will be combined into a new company.

August 21, 2023

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Select Sires Inc. and Inguran LLC (dba STgen) have signed a letter of intent to combine Select Sires Inc.’s and STgen’s production, research and development functions into a new company.

The six U.S. farmer-owned cooperatives that provide exceptional sales, service, and support for the Select Sires family of products will remain independent and continue to operate just as they do today. The STgen sales and service network will likewise operate independently and continue to provide the outstanding sales, service, and support for the STgen brands of products that their customers have come to expect. Additionally, global distributors and business units of STgen and Select Sires, including World Wide Sires, will continue to operate in their respective geographies, representing their current brands.

Select Sires Inc. and STgen believe that by integrating their production and development capabilities into a new company, farmers will benefit from a broader and more cost-efficient offering, higher quality products, and more advanced technologies and services. If approved, the combination of the companies’ complementary capabilities will also create greater opportunities for professional advancement for employees.

For Select Sires Inc., this was a unanimous decision made by the board of farmer-owner directors. Both organizations are confident that the anticipated combination will deliver the best opportunities to farmer-customers and employees while preserving the mission and core values of each organization. The transaction is subject to the negotiation and execution of a definitive agreement, as well as approval by each company’s board of directors and standard regulatory approvals.

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Located in Navasota, Texas, STgen aims to make the world greener, more sustainable, and profitable. By improving herd genetics through science and technology, the company believes that the best way to predict the future is to create it, while feeding the world with our passion for the beef and dairy industries. The STgen Integrated Approach to management combines cutting edge genetics, innovation driven programs and gender-sorted semen to aid farmers in improving cattle performance to feed the world while reducing their carbon footprint.

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